Waking Up

I am an academic physician. Being an academic physician is fairly unusual in itself,  but add to that “woman” and “cardiologist”, and you understand why I’ve felt somewhat alone and separate most of my adult life. I feel this way not only at work where I am one of 16% women cardiologists in the US, but also often in my private life where I have not felt understood by many people, some of whom are related to me.

In the past few years I have embarked on a path of awakening. What does that mean, you may ask? It means taking the time to understand who I really am, and what that means to everyone else. It means learning how to respond and not react in my day to day life. This sounds very easy, but it has been extremely difficult, requires lots of time and honesty, and has involved many tears. But it has lead to real groundedness that feels palpable and solid, and has gotten more powerful as I progress in my awakening. I feel more connected to my own life and those of my patients, family, and friends, and even people I’ve not yet met.

I want to share my experience with you, to perhaps be another voice to strengthen your own waking up process, or inspire you to your own practice. I’d love to hear your stories, and I hope mine help you feel less alone. It is my hope that even if you aren’t a woman academic cardiologist, you will still find support and comfort here. Namaste, and welcome.


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